Blinds in Mind conservatory awnings are generally mounted above a glass roof, conservatory or skylight to reduce or block sun and heat before they reach the interior of your home or business. They are also mounted above fixed structures such as pergola’s as retractable roof shading systems.

Markilux Conservatory Awnings

The German engineered, designed and manufactured Markilux range of conservatory awnings offer a high quality solution to shading and heat reduction over your glass roof, pergola, courtyard, playground, cafe and restaurant. We offer the Markilux 8800/8800 zip conservatory awning, 780/880 Kinder, 8850 Conservatory and 889 zip underglass awning.

Features of the Markilux conservatory awnings include:

  • Markilux 8800 – known for its performance, reliability, endurance and ease of installation. This awning benefits from the optional zip system reducing any light or rain gap between the cover and guide tracks as well as providing excellent wind ratings. It has a permanently high cover tension achieved by gas piston mechanisms. Integrated rain gutter in the front profile. Single or coupled units.
  • Markilux 780/880 Kinder Conservatory – available in a square or round cassette, the Kinder is a small conservatory system for interior or exterior applications with a tensioning system that is slim, compact and extremely strong.
  • Markilux 8850 Conservatory – combines the features of the 8800 but extends wider than its guide tracks which makes it a shading option for bevelled roofs.
  • Markilux 889 Zip Underglass Awning – this awning is designed to sit under glass outdoor structures or internal atriums and with the optional zip system, removes gaps between the glass and tracks.
  • Markilux Pergola Tracfix 110 / 210 - with the proven technology of the Markilux 8800 conservatory awning, the Pergola 110 Tracfix offers large-scale shading without the need for an existing structure. Featuring slender support posts for the side tracks, its integrated tracfix design makes this unit extra sturdy and eliminates gaps between the cover and side track. It also has the added advantage of water drainage at a pitch of 14 degrees and greater. The Pergola 210 tracfix has an adjustable support post. The adjustable support post can be lowered by up to 30cm on one side providing water drainage with as little as 7 degrees pitch and more flexibility to shade the sun.

Choose from a wide range of fabrics from the exclusive Markilux collection which feature a self-cleaning effect. Awnings may be available in the Markilux exclusive Lounge finish powder coat with its increased self-cleaning effect due to nano self-cleaning technology. The unique powder coating finish of the lounge colours repels particles of dirt, not allowing them to adhere to the surface, making them an easy-to clean, low maintenance awning.

These awnings are motorised by a standard, remote operated motor or connected to a home automation system such as CBUS. A sun and wind sensor and rain sensor can be included with motorised systems.

Giotto Fabric Tension System

The European designed Giotto Fabric Tension System awning from Global Awning Accessories is manufactured with quality componentry, is motorised and runs on aluminium guide tracks with stainless steel fittings, and has a powdercoated finish. Designed as a sun screen product, the fabric is designed to be taut at every stage of the movement of the front bar, whether the awning is fully extended or stopped somewhere between fully closed and fully extended. An acrylic fabric can be used to create a near total blockout, while a screen or mesh fabric can offer sun protection without losing your view. Available in a single unit up to 5 metres wide by 4 metres in projection and in a twin unit up to 10 metres wide.

The Giotto Plus Fabric Tension System is also available which can be fixed on the wall or ceiling and rests on two aluminium posts.

These awnings are motorised by a standard, remote operated motor or connected to a home automation system such as CBUS. A sun and wind sensor and rain sensor can be included with motorised systems.

Global Glider Fabric Tension System

The European designed Global Glider is ideal for skylights (fitted internally or externally) and for smaller applications. The Global-Glider is a versatile screen which keeps tension on the fabric when the blind is partially or fully opened. The Global Glider has a tensioning system discretely designed into the side tracks with the tension spring embedded into the front rail. The Global-Glider can be fitted as a single screen (maximum width 4.5m x 3.0m), or as a twin unit (maximum width 9.0m x 3.0m). Smaller maximum widths for angular position (ie: for skylights), the maximum dimensions are 3.6m x 3.0m and the twin system is available for a maximum width of 7.2m x 3.0m.

Choose from acrylic or screen/mesh fabrics and a wide range of powder coat colours. The Global-Glider is fully motorised with a remote control.

Sundream Conservatory Awning

The Sundream Conservatory Awning from Aluxor Awnings is a highly versatile German designed robust awning which runs in sturdy aluminium guide tracks.  Ideal for glass rooves or for over pergolas. The design allows for a variable 'steer around' function to enable the awning to turn corners of up to 90 degrees.

Awnings can extend up to 6.5 metres wide and up to a maximum 6.5 metres in projection (limited to a total of 39 m.sq) with coupled units extending up to 24 metres wide to a total of 120 m.sq. All awnings are motorised and powder coated to your choice of colour. Choose from a wide range of fabrics in either acrylic or screen/mesh.


For further information and to see a full brochure on any of these products, please contact Blinds in Mind on 03 5977 2117.