Sure Shade 120S External LouvreExternal aluminium venetian blinds have been globally tested and universally found to be one of the most effective methods of reflecting solar heat and glare while at the same time allowing natural light through the glazing (windows). They are adjustable to maintain a high degree of privacy as well as retractable to get full window viewing outside of the hours of the direct sun. Blender essential training

External venetians have been extremely popular in Europe as effective sources against heat loss and winter solar gain. In excess of 2 million external venetian blinds have been sold annually in Europe which has resulted in products being imported into Australia. Europe does not have the experience of high wind and summer heat as experienced in Australia and so many of these venetians are designed to be retracted in moderate winds.

ExternalVenetians-Sure Shade Ultimate11The external venetians can be made up of 3 categories:

Our range of external aluminium louvres are Australian made and designed for Australian conditions, and therefore we are able to offer a quality product at a more affordable price with shorter lead times.


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