The Sure Shade® Superior 80C from Liftmaster® has an 80mm wide curved slat profile with Hagofix® slat control. The Hagofix® slat control system provides for a more wind stable system than when using ladder braid as in the basic models.

Features of the 80C with Hagofix® slat control include:

  • The Hagofix® system embeds a stainless steel connector into the roller edge beading of the blind slat and a spigot attached to a Kevlar/aramid tape. The blind slat cannot swivel or slide within the fitting which provides stability of the blind and extensive slat control.
  • When the 80C slat is used with Hagofix®, side pins and extruded aluminium side guides, the profile can be made to be wind stable under moderate loads.

The Superior 80C is motorised with slats available in 4 standard colours with an optional extruded aluminium pelmet in clear anodised (or custom powder coated if required), and can be manufactured with high grade stainless steel wire guides or with Zamac slat pins engaged into aluminium side guide extrusions/channels.  

Motorisation by standard motor, remote controlled motor or connected to a home automation system such as CBUS.

A wind sensor can be used with the 80C.